About Me

(Photo courtesy of Manny Guarin)
Aristedes Claudio or better know as Teddy / Ted Claudio.

Blogger, freelance photographer and photography instructor.

I have been in the photography field for almost 3 decades. I started from film cameras where I learned the basics and made it my passion. When digital photography came, I renewed my passion for photography and learned the techniques of digital photography and post processing.

As  freelance photographer, I have covered lots of events, concerts, and fashion shows in the Philippines and in the Middle East when I was working as an IT professional for multi-national companies.

Now back in the Philippines, I want to share my knowledge in photography to enthusiasts. I have conducted a lot of photography seminars and workshops. With my managerial background, corporate training experience, Toastmasters International membership and training, I am a very good presenter and trainer.

With my new passion of blogging of events, lifestyle, pop-culture, gadgets and many other interest, I created and write for this blog Waz Up Philippines? www.wazupphilippines.com.

Having travel around the world to almost 30 countries from down under New Zealand and Australia to the countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and USA, I would like to share my life experiences, passion and taste through this blog.

Thank you for visiting this blog.  Please leave your comments, suggestions or just to say hi in the comments section.

For photography, training and blogging services, please e-mail me at [email protected]

Thank you!

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Ted Claudio video interviews Bianca Valerio during the Nine West 9 Most Stylish Women
(photo courtesy of Seventh High)


  1. hi! can i ask about the info of your workshop? thank you!

  2. oh by the way heres my email add [email protected]yahoo.com .. thank you again