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Oblivion stars Tom Cruise

Another post-apocalypse action movie to look forward to this April 2013. Tom Cruise stars in Oblivion, an action, adventure, sci-fi movie. Movie will be showing starting April 10 in cinemas nationwide (Philippines).

Here is the movie trailer and press release about the movie. Enjoy!

Movie Trailer:


OBLIVION :  a cinematic event, a journey of redemption and discovery as one man battles to save mankind.

In 2073, a 37 year-old former-Marine Commander Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) is one of the last few drone repairmen stationed at Earth which was nearly destroyed by an alien invasion 60 years ago. As part of a massive operation to extract the planet's remaining vital resources, he lives in an airborne "town" floating thousands of meters above the Earth.

His mission nearly complete, Jack's soaring existence comes crashing down when he rescues a 22 year-old female stranger from a downed spacecraft. Her arrival triggers a series of events that forces Jack to question everything he knows about the war and its aftermath. In addition, after being captured by an insurgency led by 102 year-old Malcolm Beech (Morgan Freeman), Jack is told that the society in which he lives may in fact be a police state.

Tom Cruise stars in Oblivion, an original and groundbreaking cinematic event from the director of TRON: Legacy and the producer of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  On a spectacular future Earth that has evolved beyond recognition, one man’s confrontation with the past will lead him on a journey of redemption and discovery as he battles to save mankind.

Tom Cruise had expressed interest in the film for a considerable period of time, and officially committed to it on May 20, 2011.

For casting one of the lead roles opposite Cruise, the producers considered five actresses: Jessica Chastain, Olivia Wilde, Brit Marling, Noomi Rapace and Olga Kurylenko, and all five auditioned on August 27, 2011. It was subsequently announced that Chastain would play one of the film's two female leads. In January 2012 Chastain entered into talks for a part in the Kathryn Bigelow film Zero Dark Thirty and subsequently dropped out of Oblivion contention. It was later announced that the role had been given to Kurylenko.

For the other leading role, the producers initially considered Hayley Atwell, Diane Kruger and Kate Beckinsale. The three actors traveled to Pittsburgh to screen-test with Cruise, who was filming Jack Reacher. The role finally went to Andrea Riseborough. Melissa Leo was cast at a later date.
Production began on March 12, 2012 and wrapped on July 14, 2012. Filming locations included Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana. Oblivion, shot in stunning digital 4K resolution on location across the United States and Iceland,  is an upcoming 2013 science fiction film based on the Radical Comics graphic novel Oblivion by Joseph Kosinski and directed and co-produced by Kosinski.

Oblivion is a Universal Pictures presentation. It is distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corporation. Coming soon at your favorite theaters and cinemas this April.

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Credits: Photo and press release provided by Solar Entertainment Corp.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

SM Launches the Biggest Summer ToonFest on April 12, 2013


SM Supermalls have come up with great activities for the young and the young at heart.  A Toonfest!
Launching on April 12, at SM Supermalls nationwide, the biggest gathering of around 40 cartoon characters.

From April 12 until May 31, this summer long festival will feature a lot of never been seen before cartoon related activities to enjoy for the whole family.

The SM Toonfest will include meet and greets with beloved characters such as Spongebob and Patrick, Dora and Boots, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Polly Pocket, Monster High, Big Bird, Bugs Bunny, Barbie, Green Lantern and many others.

Fun activities include face painting, coloring contests, exciting raffle prizes, scrapbook making, cartoon film showings, arts and crafts shows and one-of-a-kind play centers and game areas.  Special discounts will be available for toys and other character items on sale.

SM’s Toonfest is supported by Bates/Nickelodeon, Richprime, Pacific Licensing, Honeybarn, Solar, Click Licensing and Astroplus/Magnavision, among others.  With all the beloved cartoon characters in the malls this summer, SM can truly say, Everything’s Here.

For more information, you may visit SM Supermalls Facebook page.

So get ready to enjoy summer with your favorite cartoon characters!

Credits: Logo and some text from SM press release


Friday, March 29, 2013

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is now available on DVD/VCD

Author Stephen Chbosky makes his screenwriting and directing debut with The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the adaption of his acclaimed best-selling coming-of-age novel.  The film, which has been heralded as The Breakfast Club for a new generation, arrives on DVD & VCD from Summit Entertainment, a LIONSGATE company. 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is locally distributed by C-Interactive Digital Entertainment.

Featuring great performances from a young but talented ensemble cast, the movie revolves around a freshman named Charlie (Logan Lerman, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief) who is always watching from the sidelines until a pair of charismatic seniors takes him under their wing.  Beautiful, free-spirited Sam (Emma Watson, the Harry Potter franchise) and her fearless stepbrother Patrick (Ezra Miller, We Need to Talk About Kevin) shepherd Charlie through new friendships, first love, burgeoning sexuality, wild parties, midnight screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the quest for the perfect song.

It's a great coming-of-age movie that I would recommend to the young and the young at heart.


Movie Trailer:

Grab your copy now at your favorite video stores.

Credits: Photos and text based on the press release from C-Interactive.


G.I. Joe Retaliation Movie Review and Philippine Premiere Coverage

Forget about great acting, logical plots,  or anything Academy award winning, but if you are into action, adventure, soldiers, warfare, sci-fi and want to be entertained, then G. I. Joe Retaliation is a movie that's worth your dinero to get entertained for 110 minutes!

I had a chance to the to see the Philippine Premiere screening of the movie last March 25, 2013 at the IMAX Theather at SM City North EDSA. The movie was shown in 3D in addition to the IMAX experience!

The Movie

A follow-up to the G.I. JOE: RISE OF THE COBRA, Paramount Pictures, MGM and Skydance Productions, in association with HASBRO and di Bonaventura Pictures, produced G.I. JOE: RETALIATION. In this sequel, the G.I. Joes are not only fighting their mortal enemy Cobra but they are also forced to contend with threats from within the government that jeopardize their very existence.

Starring D.J. Cotrona, Byung-hun Lee, Ray Park, Adrianne Palicki, Jonathan Pryce, RZA, Ray Stevenson, Channing Tatum with Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson.

Directed by Jon M. Chu.

IMDB Page: 

Movie Trailer

My Movie Review

The movie has great action scenes and great CGI special effects. It was entertaining from start to end. The most notable actions scenes I liked were:
  • the monastery/mountain scene
  • the "jail" scene
  • the climax scene.

I'm was not too "privileged" to be a G.I. Joe action figures franchise fan but watching the movie gave me a bit of the characters essence.  Not really sure how faithful the characters were portrayed but of course that's another topic of discussion.

Channing Tatum as Duke and Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock
One of the characters that I liked in the movie was of Storm Shadow played by Korean superstar Byung-hun Lee.  Compared to the characters participation on the last installment of the G.I. Joe franchise, Rise of the Cobra, this time the character has been seen up close.

Byung-hun Lee as Storm Shadow
Initially slated for release last June 2012, the movie release was delayed for almost 9 months for 3D conversion.  Having the 3D as an after-taught, reflected in the quality of the 3D compared to other 3D movies I have seen recently. It's not bad but you can easily enjoy it it 2D and won't really miss anything.

My Rating

I rate this movie 4/5 for it's entertainment value, nothing else. Don't look for Oscar nominations for this movie in the future. But it you want to be entertained, it worth the money for it's action packed scenes.

Coverage of the Premiere


TS 118 and G.I. Joe Cosplayers at the premiere with Movie blogger Joriben Zaballa (3rd from right)
G.I. Joe Cosplayers at the premiere with the salute pose

Fan Reaction from the G.I. Joe Cosplayers

Yours truly, Ted Claudio photo ops with Snake Eyes

The movie rated PG-13 will be showing across the Philippines from Saturday March 30, 2013. “G.I. Joe 2 : Retaliation” is released and distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corp.

See you at the movies!

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Credits: Movie poster and photos from press releases of Solar Entertainment Corp.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rurouni Kenshin is now available in DVD and VCD

One of the best Live Action interpretation of a manga series! Based on the best selling manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki, RUROUNI KENSHIN. The Blockbuster Live Action Remake of the Popular Anime Series is now available on DVD and VCD.

Movie Trailer

Here is a press release about the movie and the DVD/VCD release.


Rurouni Kenshin


In 1868, after the end of the Bakumatsu war, the former assassin Kenshin Himura (Takeru Satoh) promises to defend those in need without killing the opponents and wanders through Japan with a sword with inverted blade during the transition of the Samurai Age to the New Age.  When Kenshin helps the idealistic Kaoru Kamiya from the gangsters of the powerful opium drug lord Kanryu Takeda who wants her dojo for his production of opium, Kaoru invites Kenshin to stay at her dojo.  Meanwhile a man calling himself the “Hitokiri Battousai” (The Man slayer) is murdering police officers and leaving messages attached to their bodies. Kicking off his plans, Kanryu begins to take the lives of innocent people in a bid to acquire the land around Kaoru’s dojo.  Unable to turn a blind eye to those who are suffering, Kenshin decides to take action.  Faced with the insurmountable odds of facing Kanryu’s 250 man personal guards, Kenshin’s only ally is a brawler named Sanosuke Sagara.  Will he be able to protect the people he cares about with only his inverted blade?

Press Notes:

The Best Selling Comic Series Finally Becomes a Live Action Film
Source: Warner Bros. Pictures Japan
Official Site: (Japan)

Theatrical poster for RUROUNI KENSHIN. Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures Japan.
© Watsuki Nobuhiro/ Shueisha. ©2012 “Rurouni Kenshin” Production Committee

A kind smile and a caring heart. A slender build like a young boy and long hair.
But when this man moves to save somebody, his eyes become sharp like no other.
Faster than God, Stronger than Shura, able to take control of a battle against multiple foes.
Yet he has vowed to never take a life, no matter how evil his opponent may be.

Based on the best selling manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki, RUROUNI KENSHIN. The Blockbuster Live Action Remake of the Popular Anime Series is now available on DVD and VCD at ALL Astrovision, Astroplus, Odyssey, O’Music & Video, select SM Record Bar, select National Bookstore & at ALL Video City Outlets Nationwide. Locally distributed by C-Interactive Digital Entertainment. This film has massive awareness through its popularity as an anime and manga, being a live-action adaptation of the anime that founded a huge fanbase in the Philippines since its 22 volume release in 2002 and the more recent manga release in 2010.

"Rurouni Kenshin" premiered in Japanese theaters on August 25 peaking at number one at the box office ahead of "The Avengers", "Prometheus" and "Madagascar 3 ", with one input stronger year. Turned on by fans of the anime and manga franchise’ most successful and internationally followed, this live-action adaptation is one of the most anticipated Japanese film of the year worldwide after having confirmed the distribution from 66 countries.

January, 1868. The shogun’s forces are defeated by a samurai uprising under a lone swordsman known as “Battousai the Killer”, signalling the birth of a new era. Once legendary for his killing prowess, Battousai becomes a wanderer under the name of Kenshin Himura and vows never to kill again. But things are not so simple: faced with those who wish to return Japan to times of darkness, Kenshin is forced to grapple with what renouncing violence could mean.

RUROUNI KENSHIN grossed over $25 million in Japan, beating PROMETHEUS in the same week of release. It was also selected for the 2012 Japanese Film Festival in Melbourne and Sydney. The first movie to sell out its screenings in both cities, RUROUNI KENSHIN was given bonus screenings which also sold out.
Initially published in Weekly Shonen Jump, the manga Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story  made waves as a series like no other, even going on to gain a large female reader base. The manga was originally serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1994-1999. Collected in 28 volumes, Rurouni Kenshin has sold over 54 million copies and been published in 23 countries (including a US release from Viz Media). A new manga series,Rurouni Kenshin Restoration, debuted in Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine this past June, with the English translated version currently running in Viz’s digital manga Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha.
The manga was adapted into a 95 episode RUROUNI KENSHIN, aka SAMURAI X, anime series which aired from 1995-1998, the anime feature film RUROUNI KENSHIN: THE MOTION PICTURE and the OAVs RUROUNI KENSHIN: TRUST AND BETRAYAL, RUROUNI KENSHIN: REFLECTION and RUROUNI KENSHIN: NEW KYOTO ARC.

Kaoru Kamiya and Kenshin Himura
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures Japan.
© Watsuki Nobuhiro/ Shueisha. © 2012 “Rurouni Kenshin” Production Committee

To complete this dream project, a wide variety of talented actors and staff have come together to create a super high quality 134 minute film that even the original creator can be proud of. The man in charge of making a faithful big screen adaptation of the original manga is the director of the hit drama RYOMADEN, Keishi Ohtomo. Ohtomo quickly cast RYOMADEN actor Takeru Satoh (MASKED RIDER DEN-O, ROOKIES, GOEMON) in the lead role as Himura Kenshin, with the blessing of the original comic writer/artist Nobuhiro Watsuki. Director Ohtomo proclaimed that, “If we’re making a live action version, the only man fit for the job is him.”

An extraordinary comic, a devoted director and a cast ready for anything!
Warner Bros. Japan and foreign sales agent Gaga Corporation are pushing for an international release of RUROUNI KENSHIN, which could launch a live action film series.

Takeru Sato as Kenshin Himura
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures Japan.
© Watsuki Nobuhiro/ Shueisha. © 2012 “Rurouni Kenshin” Production Committee


A man called Hitokiri Battousai (Kouji Kikkawa) terrorizes the citizens of Tokyo
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures Japan.
© Watsuki Nobuhiro/Shueisha. © 2012 “Rurouni Kenshin” Production Committee
“I will never kill again.” The legendary assassin who made a promise. Despite vowing to never cut down another man, he could still protect the people he cares about. This is the story of a man wielding a reverse blade — sharpened only on the edge he holds toward himself — a wanderer fighting against the times.

It’s been ten years since the start of the Meiji Era and Japan’s and transition from the Middle Ages to industrialization. Unemployed, having lost the right to wear the sword, and facing guns and cannons, the samurai have gradually disappeared into legend.

In Tokyo, a man calling himself the “Hitokiri Battousai” (The Man slayer) has appeared. Recklessly standing against him is the young woman Kaoru Kamiya and the mysterious man who saves her.
As fate would have it, Kaoru’s savior was actually the assassin who, in the Bakumatsu period, once earned the title Hitokiri Battousai. He has since changed his name to Kenshin Himura, a vagabond devoting his life to protecting others with his reverse blade. He becomes a lodger at Kaoru’s dojo, where she struggles to continue the sword style her father left behind.

Kaoru Kamiya (Emi Takei), Yahiko Myojin (Taketo Tanaka), Megumi Takani (Yu Aio)
and Kenshin Himura.
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures Japan.
© Watsuki Nobuhiro/ Shueisha. © 2012 “Rurouni Kenshin” Production Committee

The true identity behind the new — and false — Hitokiri Battousai is Jin-e Udo, a bodyguard for the industrialist Kanryu Takeda. Forcing the female doctor Takani Megumi to make opium, Kanryu makes a great deal of money that he uses to purchase weapons to further his goal of trying to control the world.

Police officer Saito Hajime, a former member of the Shinsengumi, catches onto Kanryu’s scheme but is incapable of laying a hand on the man due to his strong political influence. Kicking off his plans, Kanryu begins to take the lives of innocent people in a bid to acquire the land around Kaoru’s dojo.
Unable to turn a blind eye to those who are suffering, Kenshin decides to take action. Faced with the insurmountable odds of facing Kanryu’s 250 man personal guard, Kenshin’s only ally is a brawler named Sanosuke Sagara. Will he be able to protect the people he cares about with only his reverse blade?


Kenshin Himura: Takeru Satoh
For five years starting from the age of 14, he was an assassin for the clan aiming to overthrow the Shogunate. After the restoration, he tried to change his way of living but found that one can never truly erase their past. The cross shaped scar on his face is proof of that.

Kaoru Kamiya: Emi Takei
A 17 year old girl protecting her dojo alone. She believes that the sword style her father taught, a blade that allows for others to live, is carried on through Kenshin’s reverse sword style. She seeks to support Kenshin.

Jin-e Udo: Kouji Kikkawa
Like a wolf thirsty for blood, he continued to kill others without end. However after meeting the Battousai and engaging him in life or death battle, he finds true meaning in his life.

Megumi Takani: Yu Aoi
The daughter of a long line of doctors, she becomes Kanryu’s lover in order to survive after her family is killed in battle. She truly regrets assisting him in taking the lives of others.

Sanosuke Sagara: Munetaka Aoki
A brawler who wields a Zanbatou (a type of long sword). While impulsive and quick to get angry, he’s a man who’s overflowing with kindness. It is through his earnest personality that he forms a true friendship with Kenshin.

Hajime Saito: Yousuke Eguchi
Former leader of the 3rd squad of the Shinsengumi. He is now a police officer in the Meiji government. He completely rejects Kenshin’s belief of using the sword to save others without killing.

Kanryu Takeda: Teruyuki Kagawa
An industrialist who believes there’s nothing one can’t buy with money. He has no problems with taking the lives of those he believes to be useless. He’s plotting to create a new empire.


Advance poster for RUROUNI KENSHIN
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures Japan.
© Watsuki Nobuhiro/Shueisha. ©2012 “Rurouni Kenshin” Production Committee


Kenshin Himura: Takeru Sato
Kaoru Kamiya: Emi Takei
Jin-e Udo: Koji Kikkawa
Megumi Takani: Yu Aoi
Sanosuke Sagara: Munetaka Aoki
Gein: Gou Ayano
Banjin Inui: Genki Sudo
Yahiko Myojin: Taketo Tanaka
Aritomo Yamagata: Eiji Okuda
Hajime Saito: Yosuke Eguchi
Kanryu Takeda: Teruyuki Kagawa


Director: Keishi Ohtomo
Executive Producer: William Ireton
Producer: Shinzo Matsuhashi
Original Comic: Nobuhiro Watsuki
Screenplay: Kiyomi Fujii and Keishi Ohtomo
Cinematography: Takuro Ishizaka
Production Designer: Sou Hashimoto
Action Director: Kenji Tanigaki
Music: Naoki Sato

Planning and Production: Warner Bros. Pictures Japan, Studio Swan
Theatrical Distribution: Warner Bros. Pictures Japan

© Watsuki Nobuhiro/ Shueisha. © 2012 “Rurouni Kenshin” Production Committee

Release Date: March 20, 2013
Year Of Production: 2012
Aspect Ratio: 16x9 Widescreen

Format: DVD (Region 3, NTSC)
SRP: Php750.00
Number of Discs: 1
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Running Time: 134 minutes

Special Features
Official Trailer:

Kenshin Himura and Sanosuke Sagara (Munetaka Aoki) leave their foes scattered in their wake
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures Japan.
© Watsuki Nobuhiro/ Shueisha. © 2012 “Rurouni Kenshin” Production Committee

"The single best Japanese live-action adaptation i have ever seen" - KOTAKU

Rurouni Kenshin DVD and VCD is now available at all Astrovision, Astroplus, Odyssey, O’Music & Video, select SM Record Bar, select National Bookstore & at all Video City Outlets Nationwide. Locally distributed by C-Interactive Digital Entertainment.

Credits: Press Release including photos provided by C-Interactive


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Puzzled on What to Do When In Tagaytay? Visit the Puzzle Mansion!

Puzzled on what to do when in Tagaytay after you have visited the old popular places?  Visit the Puzzle Mansion!

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit the place:

Reason #1: Visit the only Puzzle Museum in the World

Yes, the Philippines has the first and only dedicated museum for puzzles!

You might say "What's the big deal? Puzzles, what's interesting about them?" That was my preconception as well before I visited the place. But after entering the Puzzle Museum and got the tour, I was AMAZED! I never thought Puzzles could be this interesting.

Here are some of the different puzzles you can see at the Museum.

Breakthrough Puzzle

Great Buildings of the World Puzzles

Taj Mahal Puzzle

Wooden Puzzle

4D Puzzles - Puzzle over Puzzle

Las Hilanderas Puzzle, the hardest jigsaw puzzle in the world. It took Ms. Gina a year to finish it!

Reason #2: Meet the Filipina who is Guinness World Record holder of the Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles

Meet the amazing Georgina Gil-Lacuna, the Guinness World Record holder of the largest collection of Jigsaw Puzzles and be given a guided tour around the museum.

Here are the video clips of the tour she did when we visited,.


Reason #3: Taste and Take Home Their Coconut Cream Pie

Forget your typical buko pie, this is Coconut CREAM Pie! Creamy, tasty and delicious. Not too sweet, just right.

After tasting it, you will definitely take some home for "pasalubong".  A slice costs Php 50 and a box costs Php 350.

Reason #4: Buy a Puzzle and Get it Signed by Ms. Gina

An ideal souvenir to take home after visiting the museum is of course a puzzle. In the souvenir shop, you can get a variety of puzzles from the simple few pieces to thousand pieces puzzles. You can also get assembled puzzles, some assembled by Ms. Gina herself.

After buying a puzzle, if Ms. Gina is around, she will be more than happy to sign it for you!

Entrance to the Souvenir Shop

Varieties of Puzzles to choose from

Some of the assembled puzzles you can buy

Ms. Gina putting a personalized message for the couple who bought a puzzle

Reason #5: Stay the Night for Bed and Breakfast

As the name of the place says Puzzle Mansion Bed and Breakfast, staying there for the night is another thing you can do when you visit.

We stayed in the Deluxe rooms and here how room looks like:

LCD screen with Cignal Digital cable TV

Spacious, clean and comfortable bed

Nice interiors and furnishing

Clean and spacious toilet and shower with hot and cold water

The Deluxe Rooms

A big swimming pool
The room was so clean, smelling fresh and quite new and well maintained. It's more of a resort accommodation in standard in my opinion. Even the quality of the towels and the bathroom kit they have given compares to quality provided by international hotels!

Enjoyed the Visit

Those were the 5 reasons why I enjoyed visiting Puzzle Mansion Bed and Breakfast.
They are located at Cuadra Street, Brgy Asisan, Tagaytay City. From Tagaytay Rotunda, there are lots of signboards to follow to get to the place.

You can reach them for inquiries and reservations at  +632-425-5195, +632-661-0019, +63905-225-0229.

Please visit their Facebook Page as well for more info.

Yours truly Ted Claudio with the "Wonder Woman" Ms. Gina Gil-Lacuna. She is really a source of inspiration!

So when you are in Tagaytay, don't miss visiting the Puzzle Mansion Bed and Breakfast! A highly recommended thing to do when you are in Tagaytay!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Romatic Dinner Hideaway in the Heart of Manila

Looking for a place to take your special someone for a date, or maybe even propose? La Azotea at the 2nd floor of Casa Roces near Malacañang is one of the best place to go!

Nestled near the Malacañang Palace, the residence of the president of the Philippines, in the district of San Miguel Manila is Casa Roces. It was built during the Commonwealth era and was the former residence of Don Chino Roces, publisher of The Manila Times, Taliba, Liwayway to name a few.  The house was converted to a restaurant and operated by CCA.

The Place

Here is video walk through of the La Azotea of Casa Roces that shows how beautiful the place is with all its different rooms:

Video Walk-Through

Here are some photos of the place:

The Casa Roces sign near the bar

Balcon (The Balcony)

Classic Furnitures

As seen in the video and in the photos, the place with it's classic Commonwealth era ambiance makes the place extraordinary compared to other dining places. With their different room sizes, it can accommodate from a couple to a crowd for events.

In addition to the dining facilities, they also have a gallery: Galeria Roces. They display works from different artist and some of them are for sale. New artist are featured every 2 - 3 months.

Casa Roces also has a gallery: Galeria Roces

The Food

We have tried the set menu that cost Php 1,500 per head. Not bad for an exclusive dinner with your own room. It's a bargain when you consider the ambiance and the privacy you get when dining that makes it an ideal place for romantic celebrations like anniversaries, proposals or monthsaries.

Here is the set menu that we were served:

The Set Menu

We started with the Truffles Mushroom Soup. While it was being served, we can already smell the aroma of the soup that was made from fresh mushroom. The soup was delicious.

Truffle Mushroom Soup

Next was the salad. Similar to your typical Caesar Salad but this one is with crispy beef tongue instead of bacon. It was unique but yet so familiarly tasty.

Lengua Caesar Salad

For the main course, I selected the Lamb Caldereta with Parmesan Risotto. It was a good choice.  The tender meat of the lamb braised for 4 hours according to Chef Paul and cooked with the familiar caldereta sauces and ingredients. To compliment it, the Parmesan Risotto was another one to commend. The combination of the two made the dish something to enjoy more.

Lamb Caldereta with Parmessan Risotto

My blogger friend Aldous opted for the the fish so that we can try them both the options for the mains.  The Pescado in Salsa Verde (Spinach Sauce) with Mash Potatos was also good.

Pescado in Salsa Verde with Mash Potatos

The climax of the dining experience was the Malacañang Souffle.  Lemony upper part and an frozen ice-cream like bottom part laced with the lemon zest and pistachio nuts.  This is one of the dessert that customers returns to enjoy.

Malacañang Souffle
What a set of dishes to enjoy! Food is not too presumptuous, simple, classic but with a twist.

The Verdict

The aged beauty and aura of the place, especially the rooms with its classic furniture sets the place apart from the other restaurants. Even expensive five-star hotel would have a tough time matching it's aura when it comes to the place.

The set menu was good. A taste of something familiar but somehow much better.  I love the dishes as explained individually above.

Service is one of the thing that I commend the place. It was almost have an exclusive butler to attend to you. He even knock before he enters the room!

For Php 1,500 per head for Php 3,000 for a couple, it's a very good deal and a very good place to impress your love ones that will definitely land you with a YES!

Yours truly, Ted Claudio

For more info, visit their website or their Facebook page .

La Azotea is at Casa Roces located at 1153 J. P. Laurel Sr. corner Aguado Streets, San Miguel, Manila.

For reservations and inquiries, you can call them at (02) 735-5896.