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Petron 2013 Grab a Porsche Promo Poster
(credits: Petron FB Page)

When I was fueling up in a Petron Petrol station, I noticed a new poster for another Porsche Toy Promo. I did not have a car that time so I was not interested in the previous promo since I don't fuel up. For those who missed the previous Porsche Toy promo like me, here is new opportunity to grab a Porsche Toy from Petron.

From November 1, 2013, for every Php 1,000 fuel purchase using your Petron Value Card, you can get a Porsche toy car with remote control for Php 240 or Php 180 for the toys with free racing decals. It would be great to collect this toys and build a collection of all 5 Porsche toy cars.

For more details (models, mechanics), and VIDEO of the toy car in action using the remote key , please check my other post at  http://www.mzine.tv/grab-a-porsche-toy-promo-from-petron/.

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