Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Movie Review: Willl you Zzzzzzzzzz watching World War Z?


Finding your friends or family dozing off while watch movies at the cinemas recently?  You are not alone! I heard similar stories :)

Last June 18, 2013, I got invited to the Philippine Press VIP Premiere of the movie World War Z by Solar Entertainment Corporation.

The Movie

World War Z is loosely based on the 2006 novel of the same name by Max Brooks. It stars Brad Pitt and directed by Marc Forster. Brad Pitt, aside from starring in the the movie, he is also one of the producers.
It's a apocalyptic action, horror movie about a global zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and collapsing governments.

More info: IMDB Page, Wiki Page

Movie Trailer

Trailer from Paramount Studios YouTube Channel

Movie Review

Although this movie was loosely based from the novel of Max Brooks World War Z, it really did not follow the novel to the letter disappointing a lot of the novel's fans. However, for those who are not into novels and just wants to be entertain by a movie, this movie is definitely worth your ticket price.

An action, horror movie and quite a thriller as well. Aside from the very short establishing scenes of Brad Pitts retirement and family bonding, the movie goers heartbeat goes beating fast from the action and suspense of the movie.

The 3D was done quite well so its worth the extra bucks for 3D. The premiere was at a normal cinema at Glorietta, specifically Cinema 3. It was clear and the 3D effects gets you sometimes off your seat.

I would rate the movie 4/5 for its entertainment value. A great production in terms of the scale, action and suspense.

You will not definitely Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz or doze off while watching the movie! You will be experiencing both being glued and jumping out of your seat!

Yours truly, Ted Claudio at the Philippine premiere

World War Z will be showing from June 19 at Philippine cinemas nationwide in both 2D and 3D.
Don't miss it! The best so far for me this 2013!

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