Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lots of Fun at Giordano Philippines' Monsters University’s Freshman Fair

Last June 29, I was invited to the Monsters University’s Freshman Fair by Giordano Philippines at the Trinoma Activity Center. The  wrought iron gates of Monsters University opened for us bloggers and media to experience being in the world’s best scare university.

Yours truly, Ted Claudio, reminiscing Monsters University Freshman days :)

At the Giordano Monsters University Fair, there were several fun-filled games are in store for the visitors.  Let me walk you through each one of them:


This is the science like class complete with the lab equipment props. Test your mental speed with a playtime of 2Fuse.  Combine numbers with similar colored cubes in 60 seconds and beat the highest score.  I got A on my cards for these!

Field of Screams

One of the popular booth. Do you think you are athletic enough to compete at The Field of Screams?  This second gaming station allows sports buffs to size up their fitness and agility with XBOX Kinect Sports.  Find out if you can make it into the varsity team or if you need more training. I tried table tennis and lost to a beginner opponent! Sucks! I thought I was good in table tennis.

School of Rawr

If you are into music, then the third gaming station called School of Rawr,is perfect for you.  Amp up the volume and explore your musical prowess with the Guitar Hero.   Compete for the highest score and earn the bragging rights as Monsters University’s primo rock star. I tried it and I rock. After an hour, nobody still beat my high scores! Got B here though.

Me, rocking with Guitar Hero
(photo courtesy of Giordano Philippines FB Page)

Monster 101

Want a more pensive, subdued setting?  Train your brain with Twinoo at Monster 101, the fair’s fourth gaming booth.  Sit back, and let logic and art come together in this classroom-type station.  Put those thinking caps on and show everybody why it’s cool to be a nerd. The ipad game here was tough with the color mixing. The maths were easy. Got A here with the help of the "teachers" with the color mixing game:)

Completed the Challenge

I completed the 4 challenges and submitted my report card stamps to claim your Monsters University freebie.   I got these cool Monsters University ID and baler.

The claim boths: The ID booths and the face painting

 Freedom Wall

Write a note and post it on the Freedom Wall. I wrote "Monsters Rules!"

The Giordano Wall

Fellow Bloggers

More blogger friends
Me wtih one of the "faculty"

Giordano Exclusive Monster University Merchandise

Exclusive Giordano Monsters University merchandise like printed tees, hoodies and polo shirts were also be available for purchase during the event.

Timeless, essential and delightful, Giordano’s Monsters University collection, made with the brand’s signature 100% high quality cotton material which is easy to mix and match with other pieces, perfect  for a long day of classes or for a casual day out with friends.

Make like a Monsters University student and display your school pride with Giordano’s MU-inspired shirts emblazoned with the Monsters University logo.

If your style is preppy, polo shirts with the University logo up your style quotient without sacrificing comfort. They are available in fun, vivid colors.

Just like any other human college, MU is active when it comes to the Greek experience. The Oozma Kappa (OK) is a house of wholesome, good-natured misfits who seem to have bonded over their inability to make it through the Scaring Program. Among their members are the adorable Mike and Sulley. You can be a part of this special (even endearing!) society with colorful crewneck shirts featuring the unique Oozma Kappa coat of arms.

Admirers of the lovable one-eyed green monster Mike or the giant furry blue creature Sulley can now wear their hearts on their sleeves with crewneck shirts featuring the characters and go crazy with Team Mike vs Team Sulley discussions.

Aside from the comfy shirts, Giordano also offers hoodies adorned with the MU logo which will surely keep you warm and stylish during the rainy months ahead. MU-inspired cheerleader dresses are also available in selected branches.

The fun new collection is available in all Giordano branches nationwide.

Giordano’s Monsters University Fair on June 29-30, 2013 at the TriNoma Activity Center.  Another fair will be at SM Megamall A Showcase Area July 6-7, 2013. Fun and freebies await you. No tuition fee required!  Entrance is free for all!  Come and join us for some monster fun!


  1. Nice to see you there Sir Ted! :)

  2. It's more fun to be back in school. ^_^
    Nice to see you there K'Ted.

  3. Nice to see you as well, it's been a while :)

  4. Pleasure is mine :)