Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tanya Markova and Join The Club OPM Bands Performs at Freedom Rocks Concert at Araneta Center

Freedom Rocks! A FREE concert brought to you by Araneta Center as part of it's 2013 Philippine Independence Day celebrations with Join the Club and Tanya Markova performing.

Here are some of the photos and videos of the coverage of the event.


Join the Club

Tanya Markova

Fan Photos


Join the Club

Balewalang Pag-ibig


Sana (Cover)

Handog (Cover)


Tanya Markova

Covers: Harana and Para Sayo ang Laban Na'to


Shorts Joke

Picture Picture

Kiyomi - Gwiyomi

Iwa Introduces the Band

In Between Jokes and a short song

Finale: Disney

(More Videos are still being edited and uploaded)


It was a enjoyable night for me watching both Join the Club and Tanya Markova. Music and laughter are always a great combination for a great time!

Yours truly Ted Claudio (Middle) with Tanya Markova's Norma Love (Left) and Iwa Motors (Right)

Thank you Araneta Center for making June 12, Philippine Independence Day, a fun-filled enjoyable day!

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