Friday, June 21, 2013

Food Review: Jollibee's Amazing Aloha Burger, Is it a Hello or a Goodbye?

After roaming around in SM Megamall, I felt hungry and craving for a burger. I just remembered that Jollibee brought back the Amazing Aloha burger sandwich. I decided to give it a try to reminisce an old time favorite burger that was introduced by Jollibee in 1996. Will I like this burger? Will this Aloha mean "Hello" or "Goodbye"? or even "Love"!

A couple of things that got me excited in the Amazing Aloha burger:
  • The pineapple slice to give it the "Hawaiian" touch or flavor
  • The slices of bacon
  • The double patty for more meat
  • The honey mustard dressing which is one of my favorite dressings

The Review

Looking at the menu board, the Amazing Aloha looks amazing and appetizing as seen in the photo below:

Photo from Jollibee's FB Page
Of course, I don't expect it to be the same since I'm also into food photography and I understand what's the difference between a burger prepared by a food stylist and a service crew :)

Ok, let's play spot the difference between the photo above and the one below I have taken.

The actual Amazing Aloha burger

I thing I noticed was the cheese not in between the burger patties. I think it looked better! What do you think? Another thing, is the actual thing has more lettuce.

Anyways, let get back to the taste.  On my first bite, the familiar (and the trademark) taste of a Jollibee burger was the first to hit my taste buds.  The pineapple slice add a bit of sweetness that counters the saltiness of the burger and also the bacon.

Showing off the bacon

Talking about the bacon, the slices of bacon were quite generous.  However, the taste of the bacon was quite ordinary. The bacon was not a crescendo but just another note in the chorus of flavors.

One of my disappointment from the Aloha burger was that it supposed to have honey mustard as one of the dressing. I did not get a hint of the flavor of my favorite dressing. People with sweet tooth like me likes the Aloha because of the sweetness that the pineapple brings to the mix and the honey mustard dressing flavor will definitely give the burger more "honey".

The size looks smaller than what it was before.  The 1996 version likes like more of a "Champ Aloha" .

The Verdict

I still enjoyed the Amazing Aloha burger but this Aloha did not mean much "love". I might say "hello" again occasionally so it's still not a "goodbye".  I rate it 2.75 / 5. I still recommend you try it.

By the way, the is a promo going on when you order Amazing Aloha. You can get a chance to travel to Hawaii.  Please see the Promo mechanics page for more details.

Aloha! (this one means good-bye, for now, until the next time you visit my blog)

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