Friday, September 28, 2012

Dutdutan Na sa Dutdutan Tattoo Expo

The much awaited event of Tattoos, Rock, Hip-Hop, MMA matches, Drum Duels, Tribal Bikini Contest, Pole Dancing and much more!

“DUTDUTAN”, the country’s biggest and grandest annual tattoo exposition, will be held September 28-29, 2012 (Friday - Saturday) at the World Trade Center (WTC), Pasay City.

In 2011,  two (2) function halls of the World Trade Center  to house the 90 tattoo booths together with the almost 200 tattoo artists (local & foreign). However, with our projected increase in the number of participants,  three (3) function halls of WTC will be used for Dutdutan 2012.

Dutdutan’s success have captivated not only tattoo enthusiasts, but also those tattoo virgins, the curious, showbiz and business personalities, the young and old, and other people whose interest in the skin art form and love for live music performed by premier local and foreign bands have evolved through the years.  The people have transcended their personal and professional borders to converge with one another into one colossal lifestyle encounter at Dutdutan.

See beautiful works of art in the human canvas

Dutdutan 2012 is now preparing to be much more than what it was in 2011.  More tattoo pros and gurus from all over the world will be joining this year’s tattoo convention.

American hip hop SEN DOG & ERIC BOBO OF CYPRESS HILL, will perform live and render non-stop music with beats pounding to the heart’s delight of our audiences.

Sen Dog of Cypress Hill

Check out  the Drum Duel Contest (currently the only one of its kind in the Philippines) made more exciting with gimmicks that will force our drum beaters to smash out their drumming skills in the showdown test of who among them is the best.

More brute and brawl action will pump out adrenaline from the cheering crowd as they watch intense Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) matches between the fierce fighters of the URCC.

There will also be a parade of gorgeous ladies vying for the beauty title in the Bikini Contest backed by FHM.

In addition there will be International Pole dancers to wow the crowd.

The gate opens at 12 noon and closes at 2 am. Admission Fees are P 350 (1 Day Pass) and P 600 (2 Day Pass)

Highlights Sep 28 Friday:

  • See Sen Dog & Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill 
  • URCC MMA Matches
  • Foreign Pole Dancers
  • Performances by
  • Tru Rhymez
  • Krazykyle & Rapskallion
  • Hijo
  • Urbandub
  • General Luna
  • Maria Cafra
  • Radioactive Sago Project
  • Chicosci
  • Franco (closing band)

Highlights Sep 29 Saturday:

  • Tribal Bikini Contest by FHM
  • Drum Duel Competition
  • Performances by
  • Roots of Nature
  • Pen-pen ni Emil Sanglay
  • Color it Red
  • Dcoy, Mizz Snapper & Wika Artist
  • Wolfgang
  • Valley of Chrome
  • Imago
  • Kamikazee (closing band)

For more details about the event, please visit the Dutdutan Website.


Photos/Artwork: Dutdutan Press Release and Facebook Page
Text: Based on Dutdutan Press Release and Facebook Page

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rockustic Night with Legends Pepe Smith and Wally Gonzales at Dos Mestizos, Boracay

The legendary Joey Pepe Smith and Wally Gonzales of the former Juan Dela Cruz band performed at the Dos Mestizos, Boracay last Sunday September 23, 2012.  The Pinoy Rock legends belt out some of their former band's popular numbers.

The Spanish resto bar Dos Mestizos, a popular hang-out among tourist and locals in Boracay, was the venue for the gig. The place ranks among the top resto/bars in the island.

I arrived around 8:30 pm and the place was already packed but managed to seat at the bar area where I got a good spot to cover the event.

The resident group and a few guest jammers played to warm up the atmosphere before the main gig.

The ex Juan Dela Cruz members, Pepe and Wally arrived with their group and then started with the first set playing blues. Then, they progressed to Pinoy blues afterwards.

Then the main event started with them playing some of the band's popular numbers like "Balong Malalim", "Beep Beep", etc...

The legendary Tandem (wish Mike Hanapol was present to complete the Trio)

Joey "Pepe" Smith belting out and rocking

The blues master Wally Gonzales

Pepe plays the guitar beautifully although he was originally the drummer of the band

Performing some of the Juan Dela Cruz classic songs:

The gig ended and the fans had their photo ops.  Of course, the coverage will not be complete without me having my own souvenir photos with my rock idols!

Joey Pepe Smith and yours truly

Me with Wally Gonzales
It was a night of fun and relieving the glory days of Pinoy Rock that eventually gave rise to OPM.  The only thing I really wished that Mike Hanapol was also there to complete the trio!

Pinoy Rocks!

Watch out for more videos of the event .... This is your truly, Ted Claudio, blogging from the beautiful island of Boracay!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Coverage of Star Magic Teens at Juicy Couture Event

From Juicy Couture, the company famous for their fashion apparels, brings their line of Jetsetter perfumes to the Philippines through their local distributor Prestige Brands Philippines.

Last September 14, some of the young Star Magic artists of ABS-CBN were invited to try and experience the Jetsetter line of Juicy Couture fragrances at the Rustans Makati.

Present were:
  • Sofia Andres of Princess and I
  • Erin Ocampo of Pintada
  • Robi Domingo, PBB Host, ASAP artist
  • Mary Joy Dalo of Ina, Kapatid, Anak
Here are some of the photos and videos during the event.

Sofia Andres

Erin Ocampo

Robi Domingo

Mary Joy Dalo


The Four Jetsetter Destinations

New York

Viva La Juicy
Juicy Couture

Couture Couture

Peace, Love & Juicy Couture
The Jetsetter range from Juicy Couture is now available at the perfumery section your leading department stores.

Behind the Scenes

The team behind the event

A customer inquiring the fragrance
Photo Ops: Me and Erin

Photo Ops: Me and Mary Joy
Photo Ops: Me and Robi


Perfume Photos from
Posters/artworks provided by Juicy Couture / Prestige Brands Philippines
Photos and Video by Teddy Bear Photography


Monday, September 17, 2012

Are You Ready for Doomsday? National Geographic's "Doomsday Preppers" TV Series Shows You How.

Are you ready for any of these Doomsday scenarios? Catastrophic climate change, natural disasters, electro-magnetic pulse caused by solar flares, terrorist attacks, global economic collapse,  etc.... National Geogaphic Channel's new TV series "Doomsday Preppers" documents preppers, people who are preparing for these scenarios. 


In the program, viewers are taken inside the lifestyle, subculture, and drastic preparations made by these individuals, uncovering a wide assortment of preparation styles and approaches. Man or woman, young or old, these people are united with one purpose: to train themselves to face the worst.

In each episode, the progress of the preppers’ survival plans are reviewed, logistic and contingency plans are assessed, overall preparedness is rated, and the chances of survival are analyzed by a group of expert, long-time apocalypse planners called Practical Preppers who share their knowledge through teaching, training, and consulting. So are these preppers practical or paranoid? That’s for the viewers to decide.

Here is a brief of the premiere episode.

Premiere Episode: Doomsday Preppers: I Hope I Am Crazy
Meet four individuals who prove that preppers do not come in just one shape or size:

Kellene Bishop, a self-described foodie, amazes her friends by whipping up a dinner party entirely from shelf-stable foods, proving she will not sacrifice the finer things in a financial disaster. She also teaches a quick-draw shooting class and a hand-to-hand combat class that will help women protect themselves in case a massive economic collapse should breed lawlessness.

Dennis Evers has trained his children with special skills to withstand a catastrophic financial collapse. His oldest son shows us how he can fashion bows and arrows for security, his daughters weld and stockpile fuel, his wife cans massive amounts of food, and his son-in-law is working on a solar-powered satellite system that will allow the family to communicate if chaos should break out due to hyperinflation.

From his farm, prepper David Sarti calls himself the “hillybilly prepper.” Should our nation’s communications and transportation systems falter after an EMP — an electro-magnetic pulse, or sudden burst of energy caused by a solar flare that can take out any electrical appliance on a nationwide scale — he is prepared to use his home as a communications hub for post-Apocalyptic America, using amateur or Ham Radio which requires no phone lines, no internet and can be run completely on battery or solar power.

And Kathy Harrison is a self-described New England liberal, preparing for “the big one.”  In the event of a massive earthquake, she and members of her like-minded community are working together to garden, sew, can, and generally prepare for a world where supermarkets and retail stores are a thing of the past.

The series airs on NGC every Mondays 9 p.m., starting on September 17.

For more info on the show, visit the National Geographic Channel's website.

Jude Turcuato, NGC's Territory Head – Philippines invites viewers:

Event Coverage

Last September 11, I was invited on the premiere screening of the Doomsday Preppers TV series at the F1 Hotel at Bonificio Global City. Agatep Associates, the PR company of NGC here in the Philippines, prepared a good program for the media people for the premiere, complete with Doomsday motifs like fallout shelter, audio visual catastrophe displays, and a "not toxic / radiation safe" buffet.

There was a program before the premiere where participants answered questions about basic survival skills.

The premiere episode was then aired.  I like the series because there are lot of things to learn that you can use in disaster situations (even it's not end of the world).  It's definitely informative and I highly recommend to watch it.

Me at Entrance to the "Fallout Shelter"

The "Non-Toxic, Radiation Safe" Buffet

I won a Nat Geo Binocular in the raffle draw

Fellow blogger Azrael Coladilla of Azrael's Merryland doing a funny commentary at the event while we were waiting for the premiere showing:

The event was fun and informative.  I got lucky winning a binocular in the raffle draw and got a nice Nat Geo sleeping bag in the loot bag!.

Watch Doomsday Preppers every Monday, 9 p.m. on the National Geographic Channel and learn a lot of things that will be useful in preparing for disasters (not necessarily the end of the world).

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lessons and Food-for-Thoughts for Budding Social Media Influencers Like Me

While searching for articles about the use of Social Media on promoting brands, I saw this post "Dynamics of Medicine Promotion Online and Offline" by Janette Toral.  Aside from giving some standard practices of the industry, it also gave some practical cases on the usage and misuse of the social media/e-commerce platform.  As I'm new to the blogging and social media influencing arena, I find it quite a good resource for learning.

Here are some of the important learnings that I picked up:

Consumer Awareness

According to the blog post author, consumers now are more aware because of social media and they don't just accept claims easily.  Consumers like the social media because they can voice their opinions and participate actively.  They can like, put comments, share, agree or disagree.  This is a better form of awareness than those chain/forwarded e-mails giving you help tips or warnings that are not even verified so  I classify gossips e-mails.

Also she cited the example of the DOH initiative to re-phrase labels to state "no approved therapeutic claims" to "Mahalagang Paalala: Ang (name of product) Ay Hindi Gamot At Hindi Dapat Gamiting Panggamot sa Anumang Uri ng Sakit”.  Although the changing of the labels did not get implemented, it created an awareness for consumers that these products are supplements and not medicines.

Building Community Works Better Than Gimmicks

The post cited an examples of a loyalty program that uses accumulating points by entering codes from purchased items online and getting rewards. However, the data gathered in the promo was used by the company to make sales/survey calls which ticked her off.

The post linked to another post on the use of common social media campaigns to promote medicines that relies on contest and the likes.

She believes that building communities revolving around the product is much more effective.  She cited the example of the Immuvit MetaFit Challenge that led her to eventually joined the FITFIL community.

Branding Strategies Adopted by Pharmaceutical Companies and Consumers Reactions

The post mentions also on how customers reacts to and how the brands are positioned and promoted.

She cited these interesting examples:

Natural/Herbal vs Synthetic Medicine

The Ascof/Plemex (Natural) and Solmux (Synthetic) media war happened on both online and offline domains. Allies were sought on both domains, traditional and online: opinion columns, blogs, newspapers, online news, TV, Youtube.  Both campaigns targeted "civilian" customers.  Tactics were used including "Dirty" ones which does not have any regards for "collateral damage". People took sides.

Pain Relievers: Safe or Not

Biogesic had a campaign of stressing that it is safe to use.  Her concern was that it opened a question but it didn't answer the question - but simply referring to its brand.  Generally, in the right dosage and occasional use, it is safe.  However, wrong usage can also lead to adverse side effects.

The lack of online information could also be concern for medicine brands about their safety.  The post cited the Saridon example.  This should be addressed by brand managers.

Violent/Graphic Advertisements

The blog cited Saridon advertisements as it uses slapstick style of comedy to get their message across

Here are the two videos cited:

I can tolerate the stamping on the head ad. That's not too violent in my opinion. I can compare it somewhat like the Tom and Jerry or the Looney Tunes cartoon level of "violence".  However, the one with the nails seems to have gone overboard in illustrating the pain. Although, there is a warning, it think it still unacceptable.

I have seen another ad that illustrates pain but not violent in my opinion, the Micanazole ad:

But of course, it's still a bit graphic.  Maybe a facial expression of pain would have done the job anyways.

Like the author of the blog, I'm not too keen on this type of violent or graphic ads.  It maybe effective in getting the message across but it might be dangerous to gullible minds of children. I saw another blog post from a different author that shares the same concern.

Lessons and Thoughts

In quest of more knowledge about social media influencing, the blog post was quite useful especially it gave some practical examples.  In addition to the technical or instructional aspects of branding, marketing and social influencing, it reminded me also of the ethics that I should adopt.  As Stan Lee said through the Spiderman saga, "With great power comes great responsibility"!

What do you think about how companies in the Philippines advertise both on online and traditional media in terms of responsible advertising?  I would love to hear your comments, reactions and even suggestions on how do you think Philippine companies should/can be responsible in promoting their products.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kickass Chinese Food at Kung Fu Kitchen at SM City Manila

Excuse the use of the word "Kickass" but it's the best word to use to describe how good was our  dining experience in Kung Fu Kitchen (KFK) last September 1.  Furthermore, the word also is in theme with Kung Fu. Just to make sure that we are on the same channel, "Kickass" means: very good, excellent; "cool", "awesome" according to the OnlineSlangDictionary.

On that date, my mom, my nephew and I were shopping at the SM City Manila 3-Day Sale. After shopping, I wanted to treat mom to her favorite cuisine: Chinese Food.

One of the new restaurant that was featured in the 3 Day Sale event blogger invitation was Kung Fu Kitchen.  I saw the restaurant while I was heading to the SM Admin Office to pickup the Gift Certificates for shopping.  The motif of the restaurant (and the smiling receptionist) attracted me to go back.

The one that attracted me to the resto:  Chinese Red and Black Color Motif

The Decor

As you enter the door into the waiting area, a poster of Bruce Lee's The Game of Death movie greets/challenges you.  Just at the entrance you feel the "Kung Fu" vibes already.

Waiting Area
Bruce Lee Game of Death Poster

In the resto, the walls are decorated with interesting murals that looks like action scenes from a Chinese Kung Fu movie.

Big Mural with Kung Fu Theme as you enter (Gang 1)                 Murals with Kung Fu Theme (Gang 2) on the left wall

The resto is with an open style kitchen and you can see the busy activities in the kitchen. I like open kitchens. Aside from the transparency of seeing what's happening in the kitchen to satisfy your quality control, I find it entertaining to watch the chef and the kitchen staff preparing/cooking your order.

Open kitchen

While I was admiring the decor, I noticed the interesting lighting fixtures. Woks of different sizes were used as reflectors for the lighting fixtures at the ceiling.  Very creative indeed!

Wok used as reflectors for the ceiling lighting

To enhance further the dining experience, there is the Chinese motif tableware.  The table top is decorated with something that resembles a Chinese newspaper.  The tissue/chopstick holder is a Chinese vase.  The drinking glasses are decorated with Chinese designs as well.

Table Setting

The Food

I usually like to do the full Chinese meals starting with dim sum appetizers. But that day I skipped it. Why?  Our small resto business before involves making dim sums.  Mom was the one who makes them therefore she was not much into dim sums anymore. So we decided to skip it.  KFK have a good selection of dim sums and they have also a dim sum cart going table to table from time to time.

One of the recommendations of the receptionist while I was talking to her was the KFK Boxers (Bento boxes).  Looking at the menu, there were different combinations to choose from to cater for your budget and your appetite.

The menu of KFK Boxers options

I ordered the Legacy version with the intention to have it shared among us.  This version which includes:
  • 2 KFK Noodles/Rice
  • 3 Special Viands
For the 2 KFK Noodles/Rice, you can choose 2 portions from the different varities of rice and noodles.
Same with the 3 Viands, you can select from the list of Beef, Pork, Chicken and Fish dishes.

I like this concept because you can taste different dishes of smaller portions.

The selection of rice, noodles, viands to choose from for the boxers.

This is the Boxers that we ordered:

Legacy Bento (Yang Chow Rice+Noodles+3 Viands of your Choice) at Php 228 + Php 48 for bottomless Ice Tea

The bento box contained (from top right, clock wise)
  • Sweet & Sour Fish
  • Lemon Chicken
  • Yang Chow
  • Beijing Beef
  • Lemon Chicken Sauce in the Middle
+ the tasty Efu Seafood Noodles on a separate small plate

It took around 10 minutes for the order to arrive on the table.  The reason for this was the viands in the boxers were cooked only as we ordered them. This made it more fresh and delicious!  So in case you are really hungry and in a hurry to eat, order some dim sums to start with.

Dish Rating: I highly recommend this KFK Boxers. Aside from the variety you will get, the good taste of freshly prepared Chinese dishes, it's very good value in my opinion.  The quality and taste justifies price. This is a very good option to be able to savor a variety of dishes at a budget.

Next on the menu, I saw the roast items hanging in the open kitchen display when we entered so I got interested in ordering some roasted dishes.

Roast Menu

Since I wanted to try them all, I ordered the Roast Platter which have the pork, beef and chicken all in one plate.

Roast Platter at Php 299

Close-up of the Roast Platter
The roasted items was good. It reminds me of the roasted food in Singapore and Hongkong.

One of the dishes that you must try when you go to KFK is their Brown Rice with Fish and Shrimps.  It's really delicious.

Brown Rice with Fish and Shrimps:  A Must Try

For dessert, I ordered this that resembles like a soft maha blanca topped with desecrated coconut. It was ok but tasted ordinary to me since it resembles the maha blanca.



Overall, I rate the food to be of very good quality for its price range and authenticity.  The KFK Boxers will be the main reason why I will go back to this resto. And of course, the Brown Rice!

The motif and decor of the resto was quite impressive despite it's simplicity.  Service was quite good as well.

Ms. Lisa, the resto manager with her staff

Mom, who is very critical with her Chinese Food being a previous restaurant owner for decades, enjoyed the food and gave it very good ratings.  She said that the Beijing Beef was very good but a bit spicy for her.  She has very low tolerance for spicy food.  I found it just right.

My mom love the food and she rated the noodles very good as well

I really enjoyed the Bento. I love the 3 viands that I selected but I vote the Beijing Beef the best

Kung Fu Kitchen deserves is tagline: Feast of Fury.  It's really a "Kickass" place for enjoying Chinese Food notches higher than your typical popular Chinese Fast Food without denting your budget.

Souvenir photo in front of KFK
As of the writing of this post, Kung Fu Kitchen has only one branch located in the 4th floor of SM City Manila.

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