Saturday, June 30, 2012

SM Opened Its 23rd Cyberzone Branch at SM Batangas

DJ Safel Subido livened up the atmosphere at the opening with her music mixes

The newest branch of Cyberzone is now open at SM City Batangas!  The technology lifestyle shopping area was inaugurated last June 29, 2012, Friday.

Cyberzone now in SM City Batangas

The new Cyberzone is located at the 2nd floor of SM City Batangas and is consist of over 20 stores featuring major brands like Sony Xperia, Samsung Mobile, and  Acer, to name a few.

It was opened with a big fanfare.  There was Cosplay Parade, Cosplay experience, photo booth, music by DJ Safel Subido, an a raffle.

Cosplayer and Program Host Angelli Soriano (Right) cosplaying Haruhi Suzumiya

DJ Safel Subido mixing at the opening ceremonies:

The different outlets at Cyberzone, SM City Batagas are:
  • Acer
  • Commworks
  • Netopia
  • Mega One
  • Octagon
  • Games & Gadgets
  • Sony Xperia
  • Cherry Mobile
  • My Phone
  • SST Laptops
  • LG
  • Electro World
  • CD-R King
  • Presnet
  • Cell Boy
  • Asianic
  • Digibabe
  • Samsung
  • Starlink Shop
  • JNG Mobile Repair Services

A video walk through of the new Cyberzone:

Over the weekend, mall goers can also expect more fun:  dance performances by techno dancers, music by techno DJs, and free play for gaming enthusiasts!

It will surely be a fun-filled weekend for the Batangeños.  So head down to SM City Batangas and visit the new Cyberzone! 

For more details about Cyberzone and the latest updates, please visit their website or facebook page:

The Coverage

The inauguration started with the blessing and ribbon cutting ceremony led by Mayor Vilma Abaya Dimacuha along with the SM Malls executives started around 9:30 a.m.

Mayor Vilma Abaya Dimacuha (Center)

Blessing Ceremony with Mayor Vilma Abaya Dimachuha & SM executives

Blessing Ceremony:

Tossing of coins:

Ribbon cutting headed by Mayor Vilma Abaya Dimacuha (Center) with SM executives

Ribbon cutting by Mayor Vilma Abaya Dimacuha along with the SM executives

Opening program with host cosplayer Angelli Soriano and music provided by DJ Safel:

Shops and crowd at the opening:

Cosplayers at the opening:

More cosplayers including Bumblebee:

Laptop raffle draw annoucement:

Crowds enjoying the Cosplay Parade and music at the Opening Day

L-R: Jesse Herrera & Dave Pimentel of SM Digital Marketing, Ronnel San Gabriel, Greg Reyes, Kelly Tan and Jay Arañas of SM Cyberzone
SM Executives at the Cyberzone Opening with DJ Safel

SM executives Jay Arañas, Greg Reyes, Jesse Herrera posing with DJ Safel

Blogger Azrael Coladilla of Azrael's Merryland covering the event as well

Me and Blogger friend Azrael Coladilla's Photobooth Experience


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Coverage of The Wild Side Open Photoshoot Competition-1st Leg

The 1st leg of the Wild Side Open Photoshoot Competition organized by O-N International Production Phil. Corp. in collaboration with the Department of Tourism, and various Provincial governments was held June 23-24, 2012 at the island of Alabat, Quezon.

The Travel

The exciting two day excursion to the scenic landscape of the town of Alabat, Quezon started at the meeting point at the Penthouse of Jay-Ar Rosales, president of the O-N International Production Phil. Corp., in Pasay City. Leaving there at 4 a.m. traveling on a chartered air-conditioned bus towards the port of Atimonan, Quezon with one stop to pick-up the other crews of the event.

We arrived at the Atimonan Port by 8:40 a.m. and travelled by pumpboat by 9:15 a.m. to the island of Alabat.

We arrived at the Port of Alabat around 10 a.m.  The island was expecting us with the welcoming poster of the event hanged in the port's waiting area.

Around 10:30 a.m., we arrived at the La Villaneuva Beach Resort after trans versing the mountain slopes by tricycle.

We had lunch of fresh seafood that includes adobong pusit and sinigang na hipon. You can really taste the difference in freshness of the daily catch.  There was also the refreshing pure buko juice.

Everybody settled in their assign rooms and cottages for some rest and prepared for the afternoon photoshoot.

The Photoshoot - Location 1

It was almost 3 p.m. when we went to the 1st location of the shoot: the rocks near the resort. I was first with Jun, one of the photographer contestants and followed his action at the 1st location.

On the way to the 2nd location, I saw Amor, another contestant, and captured in video a portion of his lively shoot.

At 3:50 p.m., we took a banca to the next location.

The Photoshoot - Location 2

It started drizzling as we left to the second location.  After a short 5 minutes banca trip, we arrived at the 2nd location. Fortunately the rain stopped.

The tide was still low so the banca anchored on an almost knee deep waters and we walked to the shore.
I was again with Jun and documented his shoot at the 2nd location.

The 2nd location embodies the concept of this Open Photoshoot Competition.  Beauties in Nature!
The beauty of the Philippines’ natural environment showcased in a photo competition that combines nature and beauties in fashion in one composition.

The Party

to be continued ..... (Featuring Go Girls and Dignity Band)

For more information to join the competition, inquiries or registration, please call or text the following numbers:
  • 0921 592 6670
  • 0927 386 8303
  • 0932 853 9989
or visit O-N International Production Phil. Corp. website,

What are you waiting for? There's still 5 legs to go.  Experience this exciting photoshoot and competition.
Please mention my name, Ted Claudio, while registering to get 10% discount off the registration fee.

*** All photos and videos are by Teddy Bear Photography


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bamboo's New Single/MTV "Basta't May Plano Kaya Mo Yan"

Credits: Photo from Philam Life Website

Bamboo in collaboration with Philam Life Insurance launch his new single and MTV "Basta't May Plano Kaya Mo Yan" at the Apex Lounge of 7th High during the DJ and Blogger Launch Event last Friday, June 22, 2012.

To celebrate its 65th anniversary, Philam Life launched a brand new campaign that features four stories of actual Philam Life plan holders and beneficiaries:
  • a newly-widowed mother suddenly faced with taking care of her five children and fighting eviction all on her own
  • a young couple struggling to make sure their little daughter gets the education she deserves
  • an OFW who makes a living taking care of other people’s children while missing her own
  • a businesswoman who lives out her dream of travelling the world
These stories show how real people can overcome obstacles, triumph over tragedy, and accomplish what they’ve always wanted for themselves and their loved ones with the help of the right plan.

To capture the authenticity of these stories, Philam Life collaborated with Paolo Villaluna, the local and international award-winning filmmaker who also directs the acclaimed weekly documentary series STORYLINE.

To capture the raw emotion of these stories in a song while conveying the message of empowerment in a young and dynamic way, they tapped one of the country’s most powerful musical artists – Bamboo.

Conceptualize by DDB Creative Director, Bobby Vito, together they co-created an emotionally compelling multimedia campaign with one simple message:

Anumang pagsubok, malalampasan.
Anumang pangarap, makakamtan.
Basta’t may plano, kaya mo yan.

Watch this powerful MTV of Bamboo's new empowering song bundled with the campaign:

Credits: Video from Philam Life Website

Watch the other TVC's and Bamboos MTV at

You can  also download the song at for free.

I believe that this campaign was very creative and "in touch" and it will be a successful campaign.

What are you waiting for? Secure your future, dreams and aspirations through proper planning:
Anong Plano Mo?  USAP Tayo.  Call 528-2000.
For more details of the campaign, visit

Coverage of the "Basta't May Plano Kaya Mo Yan" DJ and Blogger Launch Event

At 7 pm, last June 22, 2012, Friday, Philam life hosted an event for DJs and Bloggers for their new campaign at the Amber Lounge of 7th High.  There were a lot of DJs, fellow bloggers and executives from Philam Life.

It was a fun filled evening. Good party food and drinks.  Great music and company.  A twitting competition as well!

The event was hosted by DJ Gino Quillamor of the "Morning Rush" of RX 93.1 and Ms. Lits Ong, advertising officer of Philam Life (She's a big fan of Bamboo!)

There were a lot of DJs:  Chris Tsuper of Love Radio, Missy Hisa and Rica Herra of Yes FM to name a few.

Photos and Videos of the Event

Hosts DJ Gino & Lits Ong interviewing DJ Missy Hista  & DJ Chris Tsuper earlier at the event:

Left to right: Lits Ong, DJ Missy, DJ Chris Tsuper, DJ Gino

Ms. Iska Abaya, Sr. VP for Marketing of Philam Life explains the concept of the ad campaign and the song:

One of the TV commercials where shown during the presentation that  features the stories of a newly-widowed mother suddenly faced with taking care of her five children and fighting eviction all on her own and the story of a young couple struggling to make sure their little daughter gets the education she deserves:

Credits: Video from Philam Life Website

DJ Gino asking DJ Chris Tsuper what he thinks about the new Bamboo & Philam Life MTV:

Here is Bamboo's live performance of the empowering song "Basta't May Plano Kaya Mo Yan" at the event with an interview about song, how it came about and why he wrote it.

"Basta't May Plano Kaya Mo Yan" Live Performance and Interview

Some inspiring words from Bamboo when he was asked by an audience about What is his main goal in life?

Bamboo's Mini Concert Performance at 7th High during the Philam Life 65th Anniversary

The song "Questions" from Bamboo's solo album "No Water, No Moon":

Englishman in New York adaptation:

Ikot ng Mundo, the bonus track of "No Water, No Moon":

Man in the Mirror Adaptation and everyone's favorite anthem Hallelujah:

Fellow bloggers showing off their Bamboo CD that were authographed by Bamboo.

Bobby Vito, the DDB Creative Director behind this campaign

Bamboo autographing the CDs

Bamboo with the youngest fan in the venue. She even ask him in the Q&A, why is your name Bamboo?

For more photos of the event, visit:

"Basta't May Plano Kaya Mo Yan" LYRICS (from

Kung iisipin mo, lahat tayo may kanya-kanyang kwento
Madalas mas matindi pa sa lahat ng telenovela
May kwento ng pagsubok (sunod-sunod na dagok)
May kwento ng pagsisikap (pagtutupad ng pangarap)
Anumang pagsubok sa buhay malalampasan mo.


Basta't meron kang plano
May kasama
Konting kulay
Sarap ng buhay
Lahat gumagaan
Anumang pangarap
Kahit gaano man kahirap
Konting sikap maaabot mo 'yan
Anumang pagsubok sa buhay
'Pag meron kang plano get a little peace of mind
Basta merong plano sa buhay
Malalampasan mo. (2x)

May kwento ng pagpapaalam (papaalam)
Sa mga nais mong makapiling (kung saan-saan)
May kwento ng hangaring (ngiti naman)
malayo ang mararating... mararating... mararating...

REPEAT CHORUS (until "Basta merong plano sa buhay")


REPEAT CHORUS (until "...maaabot mo 'yan")

Anumang pagsubok sa buhay malalampasan.
Anumang pangarap abutin mo
Kayang-kaya mo yan.
Anumang tagumpay, anumang hirap sa buhay...


Anumang pagsubok sa buhay malalampasan.
Anumang pangarap abutin mo, kayang-kaya mo 'yan.
Anumang tagumpay, anumang hirap sa buhay
Basta't may plano, kaya mo yan. (2x)

Credits:  All photos and Videos are by Teddy Bear Photography unless credited otherwise

Thursday, June 21, 2012

ToyCon 2012 Coverage: Booth Babe Competition

One of the most awaited competition of ToyCon 2012 is the Booth Babe competition.  Booth Babes are the girls representing the exhibitor's booths dressed in cosplay costumes.  Three (3) finalist were selected.  Each of the ladies were called up to the stage and interviewed ala beauty pageant Question and Answer portion by hosts Marcelle Fabie and Jing Zara.

Here are the photos and video of the Booth Babe competition:

War Rock of AMPED Fest Booth Babe did not have any voice left to do the interview

War Rock Booth Babe of ABS CBN AMPED Fest

Kristell Lim of Authority Hoodie lively at the interview

Kristell Lim doing a demo of her Hoodie as requested by Marcelle Fabie

Jia Bustamante of AMPED Fest Booth being interviewed

The Line Up

The Wacky Pose

Booth Babe Winner Annoucement and Awarding:

At the awarding later that night, the Booth Babe competition was announced and it was won by Jia Bustamante of ABS-CBN Multi-media AMPED Fest.  Marcelle pacified the other contestant Kristell with a funny remark as seen in the video: "Okey lang kahit hindi ka nanalo, panalo ka pa rin sa puso ko!".

Kristell Lim of Authority Hoodie

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