Saturday, June 16, 2012

ToyCon 2012 Day 1 Coverage

June 15 was the first day of ToyCon 2012.  It was Retailers Day, were collectors can already start buying their favorite toy collection pieces. Lots of toys ranging from the smallest matchbox car toys to the life size showcase statues. I really felt that I was a kid in a toy store. Different vendors selling comics, toys, memorabilia, hot toys, costumes,  clothing and other merchandise of pop culture.

Aside from the selling of goods, there were displays from The Batman Rises movie featuring the one of Batman costume used in the move. Please see the video tour below.

From June 16, Saturday onwards, you will be amazed by the Toy collection from the different clubs in the Toy Collectors Gallery Area next to Hall 3 right of the stage.  The clubs were busy setting up their displays when I visited the gallery.

Here are some of the photos of the highlights of ToyCon 2012:

USS FLAGG description Board

The USS FLAGG Diorama of Toy Soldiers 118

A Close Up of the Diorama showing the crew launching a jet fighter plane from the USS FLAGG

The Dark Knight Rises Merchandise Booth

The Royal Orange Wacky Photobooth

The ToyCon entrance of Hall 2

Part of the Halimaw Superheroes Statues Display

Pinoy Sixth Scale Club  The Avengers Diorama

One of the displays of the Robot Collectors Club

7 feet Sentinel Statue by Halimaw Sculptures

The Hulk Statue by Halimaw

The Amazing Life Size Statue of Captain America

The Life Size Statue of Thor

The Stage Located in Hall 3

Here are the videos of the different highlights:

Toy Soldiers 118 Club Member Flash explaining their Showcase of GI Joe Display at ToyCon:

A Video Tour of the Toy Collectors Area

Pinoy Sixth Scale Club

Toy Empire Store

Comixhub.Com Store

Comic Odyssey

Video Walkthru of Hall 1 & 2 During Retailers Day

Don't miss ToyCon 2012! An ideal family outing for Father's Day Weekend!

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