Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ToyCon 2012 Coverage: Group Cosplay Competition

On Day 3 of ToyCon 2012, the Group Cosplay Competition was one of the exciting event of the day.  Various groups portraying characters from The Avengers, Final Fantasy, Transformers, Naruto Shippuden, and others presented their cosplay costumes and performances ranging from dance routines, fight scenes, drama/musical and catwalks.

Here are the photos and videos of the competition:


Transformers performance with their hilarious dance routines that the audience loved:

Team Suna (Naruto Shippuden) performing their exhilarating fight scene:

The winner of the group competition was Team Suna (Naruto Shippuden) for their exciting fight scene really in synch with the audio production.

The crowd really enjoyed the performances of the group cosplay competitors.  Looking forward to more exciting group competition next year at ToyCon 2013!

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